Missing Classmates

Missing Classmates are those with neither email address nor street address in the system.

If you know how to get in touch with a missing classmate - please send them a link to our web-site and encourage them to join. 

This is our best way to stay in touch as we plan class events.  THANKS

Brian R. Beaton
John T. Bell
Cathy S. Beniston
William J. Benjamin
Edward M. Bradley
Peter D. Burke
Shannon Cassidy
Wayne C. Clapp
Robert Clark
Susan C. Davis
Peter D'Carlo
John Dougherty
Elizabeth T. Ducanes
David Edmiston
Douglas M. Fulton
Audrey A. Giles
Susan C. Harlan
Debbie E. Hart
Catherine E. Hill (Falkenstein)
Marcia Hill (Flack)
Donna Houser (Heidelberger)
Dave Jackson
Michael W. Johnson
David Kaminsky
Charles Kellar
Roxanne Kelly
Michael Kennedy
Kathryn Kuhlen (Caldwell)
Thomas Langan
Pauli Makin (O'Donnell-Weese)
Kathi Mary Rita Mangano
Sally A. Mason
Anna McCall
William McCarrin (Iii)
Bonnie McConaghy (Pitzorella)
Robert C. McCorkle
Carolyn McCormick (Warrick)
Hugh McCrossen
Mary McCullough
Donna J. McDevitt
John McGettigan
Jeane McIlhatton
Janet Miller (Hunter)
Victoria L. Miller (Frederic)
Elizabeth Minassian
David L. Mitchel
John Monte
William Monza
Gary Myers
Michael O'Neill
Julie A. Owen
Linda A. Peterson (Farren)
Kenneth Ratcliff
Cherie J. Rodgers
Glenn Rodgers
Joseph Romanelli
Will Rosen
Katherine Rufo
Lynette Rundgren
Martin Sabin
James Samuels
Janet Secunda
Mary Sheehan (Bonhage)
John Sipple
Holly Smith
Cheryl Stader (Kellum)
Betty Strohm (Haring)
Terry Surratt
Ronald Taylor
Celeste Tchichovich
Raymond Valle
George J. Ward
Carol Wenrich (Cassidy)
Mark A. Werner
Margaret Whalen (Grocott)
Sandra Wickline (Noykoff)
Jane Williams (Hancox)
Donald Wilson
Barbara Wylam
Annette Yannone
Jeffrey B. Young
Eugene Zimmerman

Guest Members

Joe O'Donnell
Janet Toomey (Stone)