July 21, 1969 - Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the Moon - US Apollo 11.  What were Armstrong's famous words?

August 15 to August 18, 1969 - The Woodstock Rock Festival took place on Max Yasgur's dairy farm in Bethel, NY.  Were you there?

October 15, 1969 - Vietnam Moratorium - An estimated 1 million Americans across the US participated in anti-war demonstrations, protest rallies and peace vigils. 50 members of the US Congress also participated.

November 19, 1969 - Congress gave the president the authority to institute the draft lottery system aimed at inducting 19-year-olds before older men. Nixon signed the bill into law 26 Nov 69. Under the new law the period of prime eligibility was reduced from 7 years to 1 year. Maximum eligibility would begin on a man's 19th birthday and end on his 20th birthday.

December 1, 1969 - The first draft lottery in 27 years was held at Selective Service Headquarters in Washington, DC.

December 1, 1969 - UDHS Dress Code Abolished for two week trial period.

We wore granny dressses, mini-skirts, wire rims, bell-bottoms, wide belts, leather headbands, tie-dye, beads, buckskin, and unisex clothing. 

We watched Get Smart, Laugh In and Star Trek.- on TV and *M*A*S*H* and Easy Rider at the movies.  Which theater did you frequent?  The Waverly?  The Tower?  The Yeadon? The Family Drive-In????

Report Cards are computerized (feel old?)

February 13, 1970 - Senior trip to Camelback

February 25, 1970 - "The Boyfriend" debuts - the first All-School musical.  Were you in the cast?

April 3, 1970 - "Alice's Un-Restaurant" dance with lightshow, body paint and go-go girls.  Sponsored by the Biology Club. 

April 10, 1970 - McCartney publicly announced the break-up of The Beatles.

Let It Be.....

(John and Yoko married March 20, 1969)

April 30, 1970 - Nixon announces that US Troops invaded Cambodia.

May 4, 1970 - Ohio National Guard open fire on protesting students at Kent State University. Four students are killed, nine are wounded. Which one of our classmates attended Kent State?

June 5, 1970 - Prom controversy Post-prom party held Drexelbrook and L&M Caterers.   Protest of racial prejudice at Drexelbrook Country Club.

June 1970 - We GRADUATE!!!!  from the Tower Theatre - (What was the date?)

Concert Choir goes to Europe in the summer of 1970.  Did you go?

Phase I construction on UDHS finished.  Last class to use the old building.  Phase II, razing the old auditorium began the summer after graduation.

And so on.............

September 18, 1970 - Jimi Hendrix dies - Are you Experienced?

September 21, 1970 - Monday Night Football first airs on ABC - which teams played?

October 4, 1970 - Janis Joplin dies  - Burried Alive In The Blues!