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11/14/10 02:23 PM #19    


Christine Winter

First, thank eveyone who worked SO HARD on the wonderful reunion we just experienced.  It was incredible.  I think I speak for the entire class, it was the best we have ever had !

Maureen Watt and I came from Tampa to join the festivies.  The Embassy Suites was an excellant choice.  The rooms were lovely and the free cocktails and  h'ordervues were yummy. Breakfast was a rare treat and the choices were incredible.

Anyone who missed the cocktail party really missed something terrific.  Low keyed and casual, we just chilled and got time to catchup with everyone. Next time you need to include this in your plans.

I look forward to our next one. 

Chris Winter Sullivan

11/14/10 09:04 PM #20    


Kathleen Conan (Kuhn)

Kudos to the reunion committee for a job well done! Food was good (even for my"buffet-phobic" husband) place was easy to find, music great, company even better. All the 'extras' were great. you always do a wonderful job with the photos, etc. and just an all around top notch reunion.

Will definitely be there at the 45th but hope to stay in better touch with some of the 'old' friends. Look me up on facebook. I'm there several times a week to check in on what my grandchildren are doing.

11/15/10 09:53 PM #21    


Stephanie Abramides (Hittinger)


It was so much fun seeing old friends again and making some new ones too!  This class is one partying class.  For those of us who went to BH, lunch time in the gym certainly paid off with all the dancing we were doing!

I cannot thank the committee enough for all their efforts, time and energy.  Everyone was fully responsible for the success of the evening.  Barb did such a great job searching for the perfect venue; Carole's program book was slamming as usual...  but the credit really goes to Patte.  Our website has been the BEST thing to happen to our class.  She continually updated the site and sent blast emails that intrigued so many people that they just had to come.  Please keep in touch through the website...  it is our best friend and will keep us together as wait for the next 5 years to pass.

BUT....   one VERY important thing....  if it weren't for the guests, there would have been nothing!!!   You guys were AWESOME....  thank you for coming and making this year's reunion a HUGE success.

Looking forward to the next one and seeing everyone again....



11/16/10 07:18 AM #22    


Patte Marshall (Michel)

Stephanie is absolutely right - It is the UDHS Class of 1970 Classmates that made the reunion the success it was, is and will continue to be.  I say that because it is my hope, as Kathy Conan  said, that we continue to stay in touch with each other.  I know the committee had such a wonderful time working on the reunion that each meeting was a mini reunion.  And because of that we plan to have mini reunions over the next five years - so join us. 

Let us know you want to be involved next time. 

Now I've had the time of my life
No I never felt like this before
Yes I swear it's the truth
and I owe it all to you


11/16/10 11:21 PM #23    


Cheryl Eisenhuth (Whiteley)

You know what they say - there is no "I" in the word team and that was so evident this past Saturday.   What a great job by the entire committee.   The room was the perfect size, the food was delicious and the DJ did a great job!   I have to agree - it was seeing everyone again and enjoying each other's company that made it the complete package.   I had a Blast - 

So it's the laughter

We will remember

Whenever we remember

The way we were -


11/17/10 09:53 AM #24    


Joyce McDermott (Larrabee)

To quote Dolly Parton...."having more fun than a body has a right to" was the mantra for most of us...terrific event!!

06/26/13 12:43 PM #25    


Carole Smith

Rumblings have started! The Reunion Committee will be rising again soon to start having fun planning a get-together to celebrate our 45th! Be in touch if you want to help us plan!

10/09/14 09:26 AM #26    


Gary L. Ranalli

Hi Everyone. I just joined the web site. It has been many years and waytoo long. It is nice to see everone talking to each other. Looking forward to next reunion.

10/09/14 02:47 PM #27    


Stephanie Abramides (Hittinger)

Who's ready for another reunion???

.... well we're coming together as a committee Nov 13th! Let us know if you'd like to be a part of the planning! If not, keep an eye opened for details of our upcoming 45th Class Reunion as they become available. 

10/10/14 09:13 AM #28    


Patricia A. Patero (Shively)

I would be happy to help out with the reunion.  Barb Bonnett has given me the info.  See you then.

Patty Patero Shively




12/06/14 02:06 PM #29    


Glenn A. Peifer

> A few weeks ago my Mom, 94 years young as of the 2nd of Dec., was leaving Upper Darby High at the end of day as a teacher's helper for special needs students. Just as she was walking a couple kids out, two "animals" pushed pass her and the kids knocking her down. Not only did her face get bruised up and her nose cut but worst of all she broke her upper arm. Doctors said she was lucky it didn't break the skin(it was 1/8th of inch away) or it could have been a really bad situation at her age. She was planning on calling it quits this coming June but my brothers and I are trying to talk her into "retiring" now. She is living with my youngest brother Ken now and hopefully for the rest of her life. This comes just two years after a couple other "animals" knocked her down where she still lived on her own on Springton Rd. in Upper Darby, and broke her wrist. As was the same a few weeks ago, the punks just kept on running and of course no one saw anything. Thank god she's recovering fine. Me, I'm glad to have been able to get away from all that U.D. has become and along with my wife Denise, raise 3 wonderful daughters. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and be thankful for loving friends and family.

08/25/15 01:13 PM #30    


Deb L. Clifford

Just sending out a big thank you in advance to the 45th Reunion Committee for all the wonderful work you're doing to pull this together. The venue looks terrific. I'm trying to put a trip together to coincide with the reunion, so I hope to be there to say thanks in person. My last and only reunion was the 20th. I still have lots of great memories from that one, most notably hearing my name called for winning the prize for the person who traveled the greatest distance...while I was in the bathroom. 

08/25/15 05:30 PM #31    


Stephanie Abramides (Hittinger)

Would love to see you there ....

09/30/18 12:12 PM #32    


Marie Bisanti (Gravina)

I would like to attend our next reunion with my husband. I live in MA, so I think it's about 6 hours away to PA.

I don't have anybody in Upper Darby now. My brother died while playing tennis of a Heart Attack, 2 months after he retired at the age of 62. My Dad passed away at the age of 97 from a broken hip and my Mom is now 99 and in Memory Care. My other brother Danny lives in CO. My son is 44 and lives in CA and my daughter is 42 and lives in KY.

When I was 35 years old, I went to college and earned my B.S. in Management from UMASS.I even made the Dean's List! and graduated at the age of 40. And to think I was in Section 12 in High School. I never did use that Shorthand or Business Machines.

Take Care Everyone,



10/04/18 01:10 PM #33    

Lorraine T. Bertulis (Majcher)

Hi glad to hear you want to come to our next reunion!! Would love to see you. We go all the way back to Bywood days......


10/04/18 09:26 PM #34    


Stephanie Abramides (Hittinger)

Marie ... I second Lorraine’s post. It would be so great to see you again. Keep your eyes open as we get closer to the Reunion for details. Be sure to book a room as soon as you are able. Take care!!

10/08/18 12:26 AM #35    


Patte Marshall (Michel)

Hi Marie - I saw your post in the Forum and we sincerely hope you will come to the 50th reunion.  We have arranged for a special room rate at a nearby hotel.  Many of our classmates stay at the hotel - even those still in the area.  We have been known to extend the party to before and after the actual reunion.  

Also my heart goes out to you on the loss of your brother.  I also lost my big brother (Jack - UD Class of '67) just before his 62nd birthday.  I was and still am devastated by this.  

Always feel free to reach out to me and the reunion committee if you have any questions.  And stay tuned for more reunion updates as we have them - 

HUGS - Patte

10/08/18 09:08 PM #36    

James Robertshaw

Hi All,   Today's trivia question.  Who were the members of the band Red Bush?  Thanks  Jim Robertshaw

10/09/18 11:08 AM #37    


Joe Finnegan


Red Bush members were Bob Falkow, Dave Edmiston, Joe Finnegan,and Rich Kelly


10/10/18 01:11 PM #38    


Mark S. Juliano

Hey JOE ~ You look exactly like you did in 1970...!?!


10/10/18 04:20 PM #39    

Janet A. Hespe (Tier)

I love these posts. Mark, you look the same as well.

It is nice to see everyone communicating. 

Janet Hespe Tier


10/11/18 02:58 PM #40    


Linda V. Down (Dallis)

HI to everyone long time no see hope all have had a good life for the most part living in cape cod Ma now was in Northern Va for awhile I do Cat scan for a living. IF not to worn out I'll try for the 50th . Hope all goes well Linda

10/11/18 08:14 PM #41    

Janet A. Hespe (Tier)

Retirement is great! You will be tired at Retirement too. Enjoy what is left. 


10/12/18 10:35 PM #42    


Linda V. Down (Dallis)

we should all live in a commune lol

08/20/22 11:51 AM #43    

Dr. Jim Capolupo



Hi everyone!  Do you have a list you can post or send if everyone signed up for the reunion?


Jim Capolupo




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