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Gary Bage

Gary Bage

Gary and his dad died in a tragic automobile accident in August 1968 while traveling South on vacation. 

A driver traveling in the Northbound traffic crossed over the medial strip and crashed head-on into Gary's family car. 

Gary's younger brother, Michael, survived the accident and told me he still thinks of Gary everyday.  He is a Guest on our site and would appreciate hearing or seeing your comments about Gary.  Or if you remember Michael - just send him an e-mail and say "Hi!"

Below are some pages from the 1968 Oak with Gary's pictures. 








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02/09/09 06:58 AM #1    

Patte Marshall (Michel)

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Gary’s younger brother Michael and reminisce about Gary. As a 16 year old I remember Gary as being smart and cute and funny. As an adult looking back, I think that if I had a son, I would want him to be like Gary. My memories of Gary are not only about his good looks and his academic and sports achievements, but that he was genuinely a good person who liked to make other people feel good, too. Gary always had a smile. That summer of ’68 Gary and I went to summer school and I think we took American History. Back then we went either because we wanted the extra credits – I took a second language and took my social studies in summer school. OR – our mothers wanted us out of the house early. Hey there was nothing to do until Drexelbrook opened anyway. After our last class the beginning of August – we all said good bye and "see you in September." Most of us headed for some summer vacation. The next week when I learned that Gary had been killed – I was devastated. I walked over to Videon’s and my classmates were standing in the back of the room. There were two coffins in the front, Gary and his father. I had never been to a viewing and did not know what to do. Apparently none of us did – we were all in shock – it was very surreal.

Michael had seen this web-site and was somewhat surprised that Gary was so well remembered. I assured him that Gary was the kind of person you never forgot. If you have some memories to share of Gary, please do so, too.

02/10/09 08:23 PM #2    

Marsha Mills (Ahearn)

Gary was probably the first friend that anyone of us had lost-it did not seem possible. When it happened we all could remember where we last saw him, and for a while I felt like he would just come around the corner at school and it all would have been a mistake.He always had a smile for everyone and was the type of boy that every Mom and Dad wished that their daughter would date someday. Whenever I have opened my yearbook and see his picture it takes me right back to that time and it feels as wrong today as it did then.

02/15/09 12:38 PM #3    

Carl Winshel

A good guy and a good basketball player, although I did beat him once in a game of 21 in my driveway.
Home court advantage.
It was still in-bounds if it bounced off the garage doors.

11/10/09 09:42 AM #4    

Kathleen Conan (Kuhn)

I remember sitting next to Gary in physics class. I know I would not have passed if it were not for his help and encouragement. I swear, after "Doc Brosius" introduced himself I didn't understand a single word he said! Remembering Gary as a very smart and nice guy! Oh and cute too! It's hard to imagine the pain of his loss and the loss of his father to his family.

06/18/11 08:29 PM #5    

Susan Desenberg (Timmins)

I remember Gary, he played little leage baseball with my brother, George Desenberg. From what I remember he was well liked and very nice.

I remember hearing the shocking news, that your family was on their way to Ocean City, MD for a vacation when this tragic accident occured.

I attended the funeral. It was so sad.


Susan Desenberg Timmins

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