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Collier Read

Collier Read

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02/09/09 12:28 PM #1    

Patte Marshall (Michel)

Collie sat next to me Sr. Year in Mr. Carter's Soc. class. He was really smart and he always made me laugh.

11/12/09 11:50 AM #2    

Don Golfen

Collie was my best friend in senior year. He was smart, funny, outgoing, and a great person. He had a super quick wit and, as anyone who knew him even slightly will attest, totally unpredictable. And now it says here that he died in 1981 at the age of, I guess, 29. It's hard to accept.
We got out of touch after graduation, but I heard that he had joined the Air Force and then was living with his brother Randy in San Francisco. Randy was a brilliant guy who started taking pre-med classes at Jefferson while still a student at UD. Collie was the underachiever, but the fact is that he was every bit as sharp as his brother.
I'd been wanting to get back in touch with him and spent a lot of time on the internet trying to track him down (there are zillions of "C Read"s), but it turns out that it was already too late by then. I've been told that Randy died young, too. Collie and Randy were Mr. and Mrs. Read's only children. It's too sad.
Collie and I had Calculus class together and, in his usual way, Collie was always a powerful force of disruption. But, at the same time, he was on top of everything that was going on in that class. At one point the teacher, whose name I've forgotten but who was getting through his last year of teaching before retiring, presented a theorem that no one had succeeded in proving adequately. Collie and I decided that we would find a proof. I don't know how many hours we dedicated to working on it, but we did eventually come up with what seemed to us to be a solid proof. We proudly brought it to the teacher, but he was certain that we were just trying to play a trick on him and wouldn't even look at our proof. I have no idea at this point what the theorem was or if our "proof" was actually any good.
I sure would like to see Collie again.

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